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Anonymous: "How freaky is this; I was just about to message you saying you remind me of Carmen from The L Word and the gif you just reblogged is of her and Shane. Nonetheless; you're gorgeous :)."

I do ☺️ that’s a huge compliment she’s gorgeous. I like still have a crush on her & Shane equality … That gif is just 😍😍 I wanna join

Colorful Stairs, Tehran, Iran
astalamuerte: "Thanks for the fallow you are breath taking .... Beautiful 😍"

Of course. & thank you sweetie ☺️😘😘😘

soundlessmemories: "Just have to say you are beautiful :) k thanks enjoy your day haha xo"

Thank you so much beautiful. Have a great day as well. 😘

nostalg1cyouth: "So you like led zeppelin, you're beautiful and a stylist, seemingly sweet ;) why the hell are you single??"

Awwwwwww thanks cutie. I guess I’m just trying to be happy within myself.

oohreally: "Wait so last time i went to LA my friend put me on a train and we got off in this like tiny own town in Cali called like China or Korea town is that where you live cause holy damn it was so cool it was almost like stepping out of the us for a sec"

That’s exactly where I live. Koreatown LA. I’m moving tho. Sadly after 22 years.

Anonymous: "That's true. But what is normal ha, well at least to you? Do you like shy goofy girls?"

Normal is like believe in what you want and don’t put up a front. Don’t be selfish and be goofy if your goofy and sad if your sad. Whatever you feel. Be that …

xxxi-refuse-to-sinkxxx: "So I notice your name is "iwantmyjuicebox" this is very nerdy of me, but my parents actually call me JuiceBox. So here I am 😊 have a great night, beautiful"

That’s so awesome I wished my parents called me that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ && thanks have a great nice as well lovely. πŸ™

Anonymous: "What kind of girls do you like? Do you have a preference?"

I like all kinds of girls. Someone normal and honest. It’s honestly very rare in girls now a days. People always focus on the looks when it’s more than that…

Anonymous: "Are you religious? (Let me know if I'm getting too nosey ha)"

I’m not religious at all. I’m just very intrigued by the culture.

Anonymous: "That's cool, you seem interesting. Do you have any favorite books or movies? And are there any other languages you speak?"

I like to read books on Buddhism and Hinduism. I only speak English and Spanish fluently. I know some Korean just by picking it up by my neighborhood.

jersiekiki: "Thanks for following me and what kind of nationality do you have? You are very pretty and similar to my race but not sure yet. :)"

Thank you! I’m Guatemalan. ☺️

Anonymous: "West coast all the way over to the east coast yea, that seems like a big switch up ha. What do you like to write about? And would you ever post any of your drawings?"

I like to write abstract poems. Write self love letters to myself. I love drawing Hindu goddess and there is a saying draw what you what your future to look like with details and descriptions. So yeah …